VIANOVA Technologies' Innovative Product Portfolio

Onboard information and entertainment (infotainment) systems on mass transit authority (MTA) subways, trams and buses really began to grow in popularity around the turn of the century. These early systems were based on 12” TFT display units with a typical 4:3 format and were rather limited in their display of interesting and up-to-date content.

As a result, today’s real-time dynamic passenger information systems include connection information and have become a must. Such systems also typically include content such as news, weather information and sport updates – all produced in high-definition (HD) resolution (720p minimum) and in 16:9 format.


VIANOVA Technologies' own modular infotainment solutions go beyond these basic needs as they throw flexibility and expandability into the bargain. Delivering vibrant full HD images, the VIANOVA Technologies' display units can house digital cameras to perform additional video surveillance or passenger counting tasks.


VIANOVA's Product Portfolio

The VIANOVA Technologies vehicle server is an on-board computer particularly developed for mobile applications. It is the hardware platform for the VIANOVA Technologies software products including passenger information, entertainment, video surveillance and passenger counting. The system performance is sufficient to run all applications at the same time with plenty of reserve.

The use of open standards, such as PCI and USB, enables the system's functionality to be easily expanded. The enclosure itself can even be adapted to suit the requirements of different types of vehicle making integration into new vehicles and retrofitting an existing fleet a real possibility.


The VIANOVA Technologies display family is designed to operate in mobile and stationary applications, where special demands are made by environmental influences, e.g. temperature, shock and vibration. Special housings guarantee the adherence to the vehicle's maximum headroom specifications.

Good viewing angles, vibrant colors, HDTV resolution and a 16:9 broad display format tick all the boxes of media providers. The widescreen display format replaces the need for a second screen - content, passenger information and headlines can be all arranged in a flexible manner.

 Dynamic Passenger Information

The public transportation sector is continually improving its services towards the travelling public by offering more attractive activities and useful passenger information.

Where information is concerned, the responsible transport authorities have improved the user freindliness and attractiveness of their passenger info. terminals by serving the public with relevant timetable information giving both transfer and connection details in real-time. Not only is the passenger informed of connecting services, but also supplied current, up-to-date information in the compartments too.


The VIANOVA Technologies Infotainment package offers optimal solutions for many different applications of the public transportation market. By modularity the system can be configured from a passenger information system to a fully loaded complex infotainment system with integrated video surveillance and passenger counting. From the private small fleet to the cross-linking of several metropolises, the software grows with the demands of the project.

The Infotainment package consists of several freely combinable modules. The edition tool for the configuration of playlists and layouts works in WYSIWYG mode, in order to make the organization of contents as simple as possible.