The Infotainment Solutions of VIANOVA Technologies - the Infotainment Specialists

The VIANOVA Technologies Infotainment package offers optimal solutions for many different applications of the public transportation market. By modularity the system can be configured from a passenger information system to a fully loaded complex infotainment system with integrated video surveillance and passenger counting. From the private small fleet to the cross-linking of several metropolises, the software grows with the demands of the project.

The Infotainment package consists of several freely combinable modules. The edition tool for the configuration of playlists and layouts works in WYSIWYG mode, in order to make the organization of contents as simple as possible.

The media player can get data of the IBIS vehicle bus and displays apart from passenger information, like next stop, car holds, also news ticker, flash animations, pre-defined intelligent elements and videos in the newest standards.

The update is made wireless by WiFi, broadcasting media such as DMB or DVB-T or other means of communication. A special distribution server optimizes the data update, guaranteeing new information are transferred securely, controllable and in time to the player.

The VIANOVA Technologies content management system supports the automatic import of all relevant media (print, TV, outdoor advertisement, etc.), comfortable management of the advertisement sales (e.g. “Prime Time marketing”) as well as the structure for a national content and marketing system. The Web-based system can be fed by many sources and supports different target media such as double screen or single screen concepts.

In addition for the Infotainment system, the vehicle computer and the communication infrastructure can be used for fully digital video surveillance and passenger counting. The information from the vehicle bus are read only once and are available to all three applications.